Customization Options for Skid Steers

skid steer customization options

If you work in landscaping or construction, you understand moving materials need tough and efficient equipment. A skid steer is essential for tasks like moving soil and gravel. These machines are great at moving and flattening loose materials. But there’s a lot more they can offer.

Do you know how customizing a skid steer can improve your work site? These compact machines can be tailored to your specific needs. From adding attachments for more tasks to improving operator productivity with electronic controls, the options are vast.

In this piece, we’ll look into the customization options for skid steers. We’ll help you choose the right model and customize it for your heaviest material tasks. Whether it’s tight areas, heavy work, or diverse jobs, we’ll guide you in making your skid steer work best on your site.


Types of Skid Steers Based on Frame Size

When looking at skid steer loaders, frame size is a major point. It impacts the skid steer’s ability to handle weight and power. There are typically three main sizes to pick from:

Frame Size Operating Capacity Horsepower Examples
Small Frame Up to 1,750 lbs 40 to 60 hp GEHL R105
Medium Frame 1,750 to 2,200 lbs 50 to 70 hp GEHL R190 Gen 2
Large Frame 2,200 lbs or more 70 hp and above GEHL R260

Your choice will be based on what tasks you have, the job site, and the amount of space. Small frame skid steers are great for tight or narrow spaces. On the other hand, larger frames provide better power and are more versatile for big tasks and sites.


Choosing the Right Frame Size for Your Job Site

skid steer rental services

When picking a skid steer for your job site, think about the frame size. The size is based on how much it can lift and its horsepower. These affect how well it works and what you can use it for. If you have little space or need to move in tight spots, a small skid steer could be what you need.

Take the GEHL R105, for instance. It’s only 54 inches wide with the bucket. Without the bucket, it’s even smaller at 49 inches. This makes it perfect for jobs that need a small skid steer. Jobs like landscaping, construction, or renting it out.

But, if you need more power and can handle bigger loads, a skid steer like the GEHL R260 might be best. It can do tougher jobs with its bigger lifting and power. This way, you finish your work quicker and with more strength.

The best skid steer for you depends on what your job site needs. GEHL’s team is here to help. They can look at what your job requires and find you the perfect skid steer. This way, you’ll have the right tool for your work.


Skid Steer Lift Types

Skid steer loaders have two main lift types: radial and vertical lifts. Knowing how these lifts work helps in choosing the best for your job site.

Radial lift skid steers are simpler and usually cost less. They move the load forward while lifting. This is great for seeing well and being stable. They work best for tasks that involve light materials, like moving dirt or debris. So, they are ideal for digging and grading.

Vertical lift skid steers can lift heavier loads. They have a more complex design. This lets them reach higher and work with heavy materials, like pallets. They are perfect for tasks that need a lot of lifting, like loading trucks. They also offer good clearance for dumping into high trucks.

The best choice depends on your job’s needs. If you need to lift heavy and high, a vertical lift is better. For lighter tasks or small areas, a radial lift is more suitable.

Wheels vs. Tracks

In the world of skid steers, you have two main choices: wheel loaders and track loaders. Wheel loaders have tires while track loaders move on rubber tracks. The main factor in choosing one is the type of ground you’ll work on.

Track skid steers do better on rough, uneven, or soft surfaces. Their bigger area on the ground spreads the weight well. This means they are steadier and move better on tough terrains, like wet soil or snow. They also save money by needing fewer track changes than wheeled machines need tire changes.

Wheeled skid steers, on the other hand, are more budget-friendly and can be the right choice for some construction jobs. They are lighter, which helps in certain situations and improves the operator’s overall performance. Something like Toro’s MB-1600 wheeled model can go faster, up to 7 mph. In comparison, tracked skid steers go at 6 mph forward and 3 mph backward.

Feature Wheeled Skid Steer Tracked Skid Steer
Terrain Performance Better on hard surfaces Better on soft, uneven terrain
Traction Good on hard surfaces Excellent on soft, loose terrain
Maintenance Tire changes required more frequently Track replacements less frequent
Cost Generally more affordable Higher initial investment
Weight Lighter, easier to operate Heavier, distributes weight more evenly
Speed Typically reach higher transport speeds Slightly lower transport speeds

When you’re picking between wheeled and tracked skid steers, think about what the job site needs. Consider aspects like how well it moves, its grip, upkeep, and the price tag. 


Customization Options with Attachments

Skid steers offer more than just moving stuff. They can use different tools, changing to fit lots of work sites. Think about brush cutters, mulchers, and even tree pullers. The range of tools for skid steers is vast. You can also use tillers, stump grinders, and mixers for various tasks.

There’s a special tool for almost any job, from cutting brushes to tilling soil. We can help you find the perfect skid steer and tools for your needs. Whether it’s building, gardening, or moving things, we’ve got you covered.


Customizing Control Features

Skid-steer loaders now come with electronic control features. Operators can change the settings to fit how they like to work. This makes the machines work better for each person. Brands like Bobcat, John Deere, and Case offer lots of options for customizing.

Bobcat has a special feature called Speed Management. It lets the operator set engine speed and how fast the machine moves separately. This means more control and better work. John Deere’s EH Joystick Performance Package also gives lots of choices. It lets the operator set up the controls and how the machine moves in many different ways.

Case’s EZ-EH controls are even more detailed. They let the operator control how quickly the machine moves and how it reacts when handling tools. They can even set up a special Creep Mode for careful work. This helps the operator not get too tired and get the job done right, especially when using tools like trenchers or brush cutters.

This customization is a big help for operators. It makes their skid-steer machines more efficient and better to work with. They can change many settings to make the machine fit their needs. This changes how operators use their skid steers, making their jobs easier and more enjoyable.

Advanced Displays for Customization

Skid steer manufacturers now offer advanced displays as optional features. These displays let operators adjust their skid steer’s controls in great detail. Users can set their preferences and control the machine with precision.

Caterpillar’s version, for instance, is very user-friendly. It allows operators to tweak various settings. These include how the machine responds, language, styles of gauges, and even background colors. If that’s not enough, you can also set speed limits, change units, and view detailed reports. These features help boost productivity and the skid steer’s overall performance.

But it’s not just about the performance tweaks. These displays also offer top-notch security options. Operators can set up unique security codes. This ensures that only approved personnel can change important settings. This feature helps maintain the skid steer’s top performance while keeping it secure.

These advanced displays cover everything. They make it easy to adjust controls, improve systems’ features, and secure your skid steer. With such customization, you can make your skid steer work even better. It helps maximize precision and efficiency at the job site.

Electronic Joysticks for Enhanced Control

Electronic joysticks are changing how people control skid steers today. By using electrohydraulic (EH) systems, manufacturers are adding more control features. This lets operators match the machine’s handling to their own style and what the job needs.

The GSGR Z-Axis Joystick Control lets operators move the machine with great detail. It uses a circular wrist motion for precision. Its durable hall effect technology lasts a long time, even in tough outdoor conditions. The IQAN-LC6-X05 Joystick Control is also tough, with IP67 protection. Its design fits the rough work environments skid steers are used in.

Electronic joysticks do more than just steer the skid steer. They help customize performance for different tasks. For simpler but tough jobs, there’s the BMS4, BJS1, BJS4, and BJS5 series. These offer basic on-off control, great for strong applications. The CU Series controls, equipped with various buttons and joysticks, act as full command centers for industry use.

Customizing the skid steer with electronic joysticks can lower tiredness. It also boosts work efficiency. Whether using the G3 Medium Series or the IQAN-LC5-C0x’s complex options, these controls are changing how skid steers are operated. They improve productivity and make work easier.

Want to know more about the common FAQs about skid steers? Check out our next blog!


Skid steers are crucial on many work sites because they are so versatile and have a wide range of applications. It can be hard to choose the right model without knowing a lot. This is where Madco Rentals can help.

Our team knows that having the right options for your skid steer can make a big difference. We focus on what will boost your work’s quality and cut down on tiredness. We look into the best frame sizes, lift types, and the right accessories and controls. This way, we make sure your skid steer fits your work perfectly.

For any task from moving heavy stuff to working in small spaces, we have just what you need. We offer many skid steer models and the chance to customize them. Madco Rentals is here to help you find the best skid steer setup. With our guidance, you can make the most of your skid steer and raise your work to a higher level. Contact us today!

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