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Our water trucks for rent can be filled from a creek to enable access to firefighting situations or from a city hydrant.
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We are expanding our construction equipment rental inventory to include portable water towers, skid-steers, excavators and more.

We perform regular maintenance and repairs on all of our equipment to ensure the customer's needs are always met with the best standards.
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Arizona's local water truck rental fleet.


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What is the volume of water transport vehicles? Our Trucks at Madco Rentals are 4,000 gallon capacity. Usually water trucks have tanks weighing 2,000 to 4500 cubic meters. There are water truck tank sizes that may be 70,000 or more if the model you buy has off-road capability.

Water trucks are an essential piece of equipment used in all sorts of industries. They provide a variety of services for construction, public works, and landscaping projects. Water trucks can be used to control dust, suppress fires, maintain landscapes during drought conditions, and even help with soil compaction operations. With so many applications for water truck use it is no wonder they have become such a popular tool across both rural and urban settings alike.

Water trucks are often utilized on construction sites to reduce the amount of dust created by activities like digging or grading that can affect workers’ health as well as hinder progress on projects at hand. The water sprayed from these vehicles helps keep dirt particles in place while also helping to prevent fires from starting due to dry ground exposed to high temperatures over extended periods of time. In addition, water trucks can also be used for dust suppression along roadways or other areas where large amounts of dust may gather due to wind or vehicular traffic passing through them.

Water trucks are also useful when it comes to landscape maintenance tasks such as watering gardens or lawns during periods of drought or extreme heat waves when there is not enough water readily available. 

Water trucks are also used to haul water to remote areas with limited access to public utilities, and for soil compaction operations. The water added to the ground helps increase its weight, which in turn expedites the compaction process. Additionally, it helps protect against potential erosion from heavy rains or flooding events. Water trucks can also help fight forest fires by providing a means of quick response when water is needed for spraying on hot spots to prevent them from spreading further. This same technology can be utilized in deserts as well where inadequate rainfall makes controlling large-scale fires difficult.

Tank and water are 100 pounds per kilogram. Example – A 250-gallon tank will weigh 25000kg in your automobile. Tandem axle trucks weigh about 15,000 to 16,000 pounds or more. Depending on vehicle specification.

We thoroughly clean each truck between each customer.

Madco Logistics LLC requires customers to have Commercial General Liability insurance with a minimum limit of $1,000,000 per occurrence in order to cover all operations and contractual obligations. Additionally, Madco Logistics should be named as an additional insured on the policy and subrogation against them must be waived. In regards to coverage for Madco Logistics LLC, this customer-provided insurance shall take precedence over any other policies.

Customers must possess Commercial Automobile Liability Insurance with a minimum coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence for any rented vehicles that are registered and licensed for over the road use. This insurance should provide protection against hired and non-owned vehicle liability as well as physical damage. In addition to being primary coverage, customers shall also waive subrogation rights when dealing with Madco Logistics LLC.

Madco Logistics LLC requires a certificate of insurance demonstrating the coverages mentioned above, and stipulating that no changes can be made to said coverage without 30 days’ notice. Moreover, any insurance policies held by Madco should only serve as additional protection beyond what has been provided by Customer’s own policy.

At this time, we only supply non-potable water trucks. 

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