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water truck rentals az

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water truck rentals az

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water truck rentals az
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4k Water Truck Rates
Daily: $650
Weekly: $2,050
Monthly: $5,750

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Hydrant and/or Suction Fill

3" Suction Hose Kit contains: (2) 3" x 10' MxF Cam & Groove (1) 3" x 10' Female Cam & Grove x 3" Suction Strainer 2 1/2" x 50' Water Truck Hydrant Hose

Electrical and Lighting

DOT/ICC compliant lights & reflectors Truck-lite wiring harness

Hose Reel Assembly:

1-1/2" x 50' Manual hose reel mounted at rear of truck, with 50' hose and adjustable nozzle.

Built Tough

A36 steel, domed flanged tank ends.


GatorHyde spray liner on rear fender / hose tray.

Precision Spraying

Independently operated air spray valves.

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4,000 Gallon Diesel Powered

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  • Capacity:4,000 gallons
  • Dimensions ( L/W/H): 198″/96″/64.75″
  • Tank Shell: A36 Steel
  • Tank Shape: Modified Ellipse, Large Radius Corners
  • Man-Way: 24″ Round Man-Way
  • Fill Pipe: 2-1/2″ Pipe and Cam Groove Coupler
  • Ladder: Rear Mounted, Pipe Construction
  • Lined Finish: Yes
  • Coated Tank Interior: Yes
  • Front Spray System: 2 Independently operated air spray valves
  • Mid Spray System: 1 Independently operated air spray valve
  • Non-potable water usage only
  • Rear Spray System: 2 Independently operated air spray valves


At Madco Rentals, our water transport vehicles have a capacity of 4,000 gallons. Typically, water truck tanks range from 2,000 to 4,500 cubic meters. However, certain models with off-road capabilities may offer tank sizes of 70,000 or more.

Water trucks have a wide range of applications across various job sites and industries. At Madco Rentals, we provide water truck rentals to Yuma, Arizona, and surrounding areas. Some common uses for water trucks include:

  • Dust Suppression: Construction sites in Yuma often generate a significant amount of dust due to the arid climate. This can cause delays and pose health hazards to workers and nearby residents. Water trucks play a crucial role in dust suppression by wetting down the area, keeping dust under control, and improving air quality, particularly in the desert-like conditions of Yuma.
  • Soil Compaction: Achieving proper soil compaction for construction projects like building construction, roadwork, and infrastructure development  is vital. Water trucks provide the necessary water for establishing the correct soil-to-water ratio, facilitating effective soil compaction and ensuring stable and sturdy foundations, even in the dry and sandy soils of the region.
  • Irrigation: Water trucks are valuable assets for farmers and agricultural operations in Yuma, ensuring a reliable water supply for irrigation. They transport water to fields, orchards, and crops, preventing crop damage and promoting healthy plant growth, even during periods of limited rainfall or drought.

These are just a few examples of the many job site applications for water trucks in Yuma, Arizona. Whether it’s for dust suppression, soil compaction, or irrigation support in agriculture, water trucks are versatile vehicles that play a crucial role in maintaining safe and efficient operations in Yuma’s unique climate and environmental conditions.

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In our trucks, tanks and water have a weight of 100 pounds per kilogram. For instance, a 250-gallon tank would weigh 25,000 kg. Tandem axle trucks typically weigh around 15,000 to 16,000 pounds or more, depending on the vehicle’s specifications.
We take pride in our commitment to maintaining cleanliness, which is why we meticulously clean each truck between every customer.

Madco Logistics LLC requires customers to have Commercial General Liability insurance with a minimum limit of $1,000,000 per occurrence in order to cover all operations and contractual obligations. Additionally, Madco Logistics should be named as an additional insured on the policy and subrogation against them must be waived. In regards to coverage for Madco Logistics LLC, this customer-provided insurance shall take precedence over any other policies.

Customers must possess Commercial Automobile Liability Insurance with a minimum coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence for any rented vehicles that are registered and licensed for over the road use. This insurance should provide protection against hired and non-owned vehicle liability as well as physical damage. In addition to being primary coverage, customers shall also waive subrogation rights when dealing with Madco Logistics LLC.

Madco Logistics LLC requires a certificate of insurance demonstrating the coverages mentioned above, and stipulating that no changes can be made to said coverage without 30 days’ notice. Moreover, any insurance policies held by Madco should only serve as additional protection beyond what has been provided by Customer’s own policy.

At this time, we only supply non-potable water trucks. 

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  2. We will promptly share the pick-up location with you via email or phone.
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Our rental rates are applicable for the normal and reasonable use of the equipment, limited to 8 hours per day and 5 days per week (based on a one-shift basis). In the event of excess usage, additional charges will be prorated accordingly: for durations exceeding 8 hours but less than 16 hours, the rate will be 1 1/2 times the standard hourly rate, while durations surpassing 16 hours will be charged at 2 times the standard hourly rate.

We offer delivery services to and from job sites within Yuma County, with prices varying based on the location. For detailed information on delivery pricing, please reach out to us. Alternatively, customers can choose to pick up and return equipment from our North Scottsdale facility at no extra cost. Additionally, we provide delivery to job sites throughout Arizona. Kindly inquire about our delivery rates for further details.

We also have Mini Excavators for rent in Yuma and the rest of Arizona! Contact Madco for all the details by calling 480.280.0364.

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